Screenshot (1) - MS-DOS shareware version of Sounds the SameBozz Software originally sold all of its programs under the shareware concept, but just what was shareware?

In 1997, our literature described it as follows:

Squarez, Quote For The Day, and all our other programs are shareware, but what is shareware? One of the most popular phrases used to describe it is "try-before-you-buy" software. Shareware provides you the user with an inexpensive opportunity to try out a piece of software before deciding whether or not you wish to purchase a copy.

After all, nothing can be so frustrating as buying a piece of shrink wrapped software off a shelf, then taking it home only to find that it isn't quite what you wanted or that it's utterly rubbish.

Under the shareware concept, a trial version is provided free or at minimum cost. Then, if you find you don't like it, you have lost little or nothing. And you certainly don't have to go back to a shop and try to get the assistant to refund or exchange it.

If you decide that you do like a shareware program, you'll find details within it of how to register it. Register? This is a buzz word for sending payment to the author of a shareware program.

A question many of you may now be asking - "If I've already got a piece of shareware, why should I bother registering it by sending money to the author?"

The answer. When you register a piece of shareware you will often receive things like free upgrades, printed manuals where needed, extra program features, other shareware programs for you to try out, bonus programs, and / or a letter of thanks from the author.

In the case of Bozz Software products you will almost always receive extra program features. We believe in giving you plenty to try out a program, and then if you like it, more of the same, along with a few extra new features.

So now that you know what shareware is all about, why not download some of the free trial programs...

With the advent of the internet and the current proliferation of PCs, tablets and mobiles, software is a lot cheaper and trial versions of products are much more common than they were when the shareware concept was invented.

Also, quite frankly, the term "try-before-you-buy" requires a lot less explanation!


Plans to re-release our back-catalogue are now underway for the mobile phone and tablet market, including Android and iOS devices.

If you would be interested in hearing when any of our software is due to be re-released or potentially being a beta tester, please let us know via our support page.

Dave Barton


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