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A Few Choice Words

Screenshot - MS-DOS version of A Few Choice WordsA Few Choice Words is a novelty program intended to provide amusement and entertainment. It is the sequel to the very popular Quote for the Day and features a number of improvements on the original.

When run the screen clears and the user is presented with a quote, phrase, or quip that could be about anything from aeroplanes to aunties, babies to bibles, cars to crime, etc.. The quotes range from being nonsensical and utterly useless, to providing a serious outlook on life.

The program tries to maintain a balance between funny and serious quotes, but all of them should give you a few moments pleasure.

Some will make you chuckle, some may make you laugh, others will make you nod your head in agreement, and some may even enlighten you. Happy reading.

MS-DOS Version

Originally released as Shareware for the PC market in 1996. Requirements were 512k RAM, DOS 3.3 upwards and a VGA or better monitor to run on.


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